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Climbing Matterhorn via the normal route


Reach the summit of one of the most iconic mountains in the Alps, the Matterhorn. Let Carlo, IFMGA certified guide, conquer this magnificent peak via the normal route.

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The Matterhorn (4,478m), the Mountain of Mountains, is an iconic peak in the Alps. Reaching its summit has been a dream of almost every climber. And you can came make that dream come true! So join me on this adventure to stand on the top of this famous peak via the normal route.

The Matterhorn is one of those mountains that doesn’t need a presentation. It has very interesting form, almost like a symmetrical pyramid top. Its unique form and impressive height, make it a legendary peak for mountaineers around the world.

Also going by the name of Cervino, the Matterhorn lies right at the border between Switzerland and Italy, within the area of Monte Rosa in the Pennine Alps. And it looks over the town of Zermatt in Switzerland, a charming town located in the canton of Valais. Climbing the Matterhorn is the perfect excuse to visit this lovely place and learn more about the local culture.

There are four faces in the Matterhorn, on each compass point. And they surround stunning glaciers, split by four ridges, Zmutt,  Hörnli, Leone and Furggen. Being able to see these glaciers as you reach the summit of this legendary mountain, is a one in a lifetime opportunity.

To reach the top of Matterhorn, we’ll take the normal route. But, even if it’s the one most people normally take, it is still a very exposed and difficult one. Thus, the ascent can’t be underestimated. As your guide, I promise your safety will be my priority.

Since this is a difficult ascent, you’ll need an excellent physical condition. Also, you’ll need previous training and experience on ridges and rock climbing. If you have it, and want to join this adventure, please send me a request. Let me guide you to the summit of the Matterhorn!

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Price last updated by the guide on: Aug 4, 2022

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EUR 1950 Each

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The price includes the guide fee, but it does not include travel expenses, accommodation at mountain huts, tickets for ski lifts or jeep transportation. The costs of the guide are at the expense of the participants.




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You'll need: helmet, harness, boots, crampons, classic ice axe, headlamp, 2 ring type krabiners, ribbon, sunglasses, sunscreen, thermos, lunch food, cutlery, small sacco piuma.

About the guide

Hello everyone, my name is Carlo Alberto Montorsi, I was born 38 years ago in Sassuolo.
Since 2008, due to my love for these places and the work that I was beginnig, I moved in the Apennines of Reggio Emlia, in the town of Toano.
I’m a UIAGM ( union International associations guides de montagne) mountain guide since 2010.
To become a mountain guide has been a difficult and challenging path, which lasted four years. My instructors taught me to maintain the maximum safety possible, for me and my clients, in situations that could be dangerous if not correctly managed.

Our work includes several activities according to each season. We teach courses, and accompany our clients in the mountains.
In the summer: mountaineering, rock climbing, via ferrata, mountaneering in the high mountains (4000 mt and over), canyoning and hiking.
In the winter: winter mountaneering, ski off piste, ski touring, ice climbing, hikes with snowshoes, lectures on safety in the mountains, avalanche awareness, understanding the snow pack.
We can teach complex things to our students in an outdoor environment, that nowadays more and more people are searching for. You can feel strong emotions, explore the exposure, enjoy the adrenaline rush of unusual activities, all in complete safety.
I deeply love my job and the place where I live. When I accompany people the mountains, I take them into my world, where I’m an expert, but where they are not used to being.
For this reason they can be overwhelmed by emotions, and the beauty of the mountains, suddenly they realize they are able to do things that they never thought of being able to do, and they are happy.
When I teach, I like to do my best, every day I learn something new from my student’s, how to teach better, how to help them learn more effectively. And when they become independent and they call me to ask me advice on how to deal with ascents and to tell me how their adventures went, it fills me with pride.
I like to describe my job with these words:
I am a realizer of dreams.

I teach the passion with passion.

We could help you to enjoy yourselves, we’ll help you experience real emotions in the mountains, allowing you to discover the wild mountains, but especially you’ll discover places inside yourself that you didn’t know


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