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Climbing Breithorn

Summit a classic 4,000m peak in the Alps!

The Breithorn is a mountain range of the Pennine Alps. It is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy, almost halfway between the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. This stunning range boasts five summits, the highest goes by the name of Breithorn too, and has an altitude of 4,164 m (13,661 ft). It is one of the easiest 4000-meter peaks to climb in the Alps, with a cable car that takes mountaineers up to 3820 meters. The nearest towns are Zermatt, in Valais, and Saint Jacques, in the Aosta Valley. Select one of the programs listed below and climb the beautiful Breithorn with a certified mountain guide to show you the way.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Breithorn

For those mountain hikers looking to practice technical mountaineering skills, the Breithorn is a great introduction to alpine climbing.


Good to know:


Italian or German

Best time to climb

June to September


Swiss Franc or Euro

Country Code

+39 (Italy) or +41 (Switzerland)

How long should I stay?

Breithorn can be climbed in 1 day, or combined with nearby peaks for a multi-day adventure

What’s the weather like?

While the weather is typically chilly, July and August are the warmest months on Breithorn. If temperatures are warm enough for the glacier to melt, it is necessary to get an early start to avoid dangerous conditions

More info about Mountain Climbing in Breithorn:

Located in the Pennine Alps on Italy’s border with Switzerland, between the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, the Breithorn is a can’t-miss climb for aspiring mountaineers. Rising to an altitude of 4,164 meters, many consider Breithorn to be the easiest 4,000m peak in the Alps, although its routes range in complexity and difficulty of technical skills required. The Normal route of the Breithorn can be climbed in a single day, making it a popular option for new mountaineers looking to build their skills. It is also a great mountain to climb for training or acclimatization purposes in combination with its more challenging neighbors

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