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Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch are a dynamic trio of mountains that can be climbed separately or together. Of the 3, Jungfrau is the highest.



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How to get there

Fly, take a bus or a train from Geneva to Grindewald and then the train to Jungfraujoch


Between June and September, temperatures at the base are approximately 10ºC to 12ºC, and -7ºC to -5ºC at the summit. In the winter, they go as low as -15ºC and -20ºC

Best time to visit

Depending on your mountaineering capacity and skills, you can climb Jungfrau year-round, however, the best and the easiest season is summer, between June and September

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The beautiful Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps is a mountain climbing classic. The normal route to the summit is short and not very hard. There are some snow passages, and if you climb from Jungfraujoch, the total elevation gain is 850 meters and takes about 4 hours. Of course, there are also more demanding programs that can take up to 2-days, and combined with Eiger and Mönch climbs, they can take up to 4-days.  Whichever your preference, going with a certified guide will ensure you reach the summit safely and in the best form. Pick from one of the programs at and start planning your mountain climbing adventure to the top of the mighty Jungfrau!



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