trip duration TRIP DURATION
7 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
Lyngen Alps
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
6 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP


I invite you to an unforgettable ski touring experience in the Lyngen Alps, at the heart of one of the best skiing areas in the world.

If you could invent the most perfect ski touring venue, the island of Uløya in the north of Norway would be the result.

I invite you to take 1 minute to watch this short video which has been shot in May 2017 by a group of skiers I have guided there.

Nowhere else in the world it is possible to find thousand-meter slopes, inclined at almost any angle, perfect for experts or beginners alike, and falling right into the dark blue waters of the fjords.

During Spring, I am based at the Lyngen Outdoor Center lodge on Uløya Island, at the foot of Blåtinden (1142 m). It’s actually a very remote location, in the northern end of the famous Lyngen Fjord.

I offer 7-day trips (or any other length upon request) for groups between 3 and 6 people.

Depending on snow and weather conditions we can choose between ski-and-sail, stationary tours or driving to the mainland.

Skiing conditions in this place are mostly outstanding, with lots of fresh snow and slopes for every difficulty. The air is very dry and snow hardly gets compressed, so we have perfect powder snow almost all the time.

In late spring, especially by the end of April and May, the surface is perfect. This is because the snow that has melted during the day is frozen again at night. This creates an ideal sliding layer several centimeters thick.

Every ski-tour starts right at the doorstep of our house. As a matter of fact, a 15 km trip takes us direct to the top of Blåtinden (1142). Once there, we can ski straight down to our front door, and arrive just in time for a cold beer and a hot sauna.

Besides this, we may continue along Uløytinden (1114) and Kjelvagtinden (1104) skyline. This way, we can complete the Great Traverse of Uløya, one of the best tours in Lyngen.

And if you want something different, we can take a boat trip to explore the neighboring islands of Kågen and Arnøya. 

In fact, we will have a modern, safe boat (8.5 m or 7.2 m, 150 HP aluminium) and 200 l of fuel, all at our disposal.

In addition to this, we can take a trip across the Lyngen Fjord to the peninsula or a tour to the Lyngen Alps.

If you enjoy ice or rock climbing, there are also ice cascades and rock walls waiting for us.

Finally, if you want to have a quiet day, you can try your hand at sea fishing.

As regards accommodation, we’ll stay in comfortable, warm and fully equipped apartments.

If this trip sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate. Join me for an unforgettable adventure in a true skiing paradise.

Price per person

Group of 213500NOK

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Accommodation
  • Transport during the trip
This price does not include meals. If you would prefer to have meals included (buffet breakfast, picnic lunch in hot thermos and 2-course dinner), price is 17500 NOK per person.

Other details

Skill level required


Fitness level required



You'll stay in comfortable furnished apartments in a 2-story building and a separate house, both located 50 meters from the water line, at the foot of Blåtinden (1142m).

More info

- Included in the trip : 7 days accommodation (no meals) in 4- or 8-prs apartments, 2-bed sleeping rooms. Stationary trips on Uløya and mainland (available by nearby ferry). Up to 3 trips to neighbouring islands or Lyngen peninsula, skipper, 250l of fuel included (6-8 hrs sailing). Additional boat transfers mainland-island (bringing you back in case of missing the ferry). Boat transfers for arrival/departure (in the absence of the ferry).
Additional seafishing trip + equipment. Guiding by experienced and highly qualified IFMGA guides, experts on the region, renowned skiers and alpinists, 9-seat van with fuel for trips on a mainland.

- Prices are subject to current exchange rates NOK / EURO.

- Level : As requested, from easy to advanced.

- It's also possible to stay here without taking the guiding assistance

- Transfer from Tromso is not included. It costs an extra 5750 NOK return, up to 6 people (and then 1000 NOK for every additional person from 6 to 8). Alternatively you can take a bus from Tromso to Rotsund FK and catch a ferry to Uloybukt. If you give me your arrival hour at Tromso I can make you a travel plan.

- We have skis available for rent for 1900 NOK but NO BOOTS!

- Shopping : Best option to make it in Tromso. Either at a mall near the airport (REMA 1000) or at the center of Tromso, near the bus station (COOP).