Trekking from Tilcara to Calilegua

Tilcara and Calilegua form an exciting region because of its topography, flora, fauna and history. This trek is located in the Province of Jujuy, in northwest Argentina.




Trip Duration

5 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

14 people

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Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

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Not specified



    This program starts in Tilcara, a city located in the center of Humahuaca, Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. It ends in the town of Calilegua, where we find the Calilegua National Park.

    During this experience, we go from the arid and rugged Puna to lush and green yungas (high jungle between 1500 and 4180 meters) walking through valleys and hills. That’s why I recommend arriving to Tilcara a day before the start of the journey to acclimatise.

    We will have the opportunity to live the dream of the north of Argentina: puna, streams, hills, valleys and forests. The clear blue skies, the colourful costumes of its inhabitants, the rustic thistles that are cut in its geography, the friendliness of the people, the deep valleys, the clear and dry grass hills and mounts of dark green lands. We will also find the ceibo with its red National Flower. Its fauna is amazing too, full of condors, toucans, peccaries, cougars, bobcats, carpenters, jaguars, magpies and foxes.

    We will walk across paths used by ancient and today people. Historic trails of the old Tawantinsuyo (1300-1532 A.D.) known worldwide as Inca Empire. When we talk about the Incas you may think of Peru. But actually the empire was extending its limits by the current northwestern Argentina, known as “Collasuyo”.


    Meeting at the bus station of Tilcara. Transfer to lodging. Once in there, I give you an illustrative review. Then we have enough time to explore the environment and visit a historic place know as Pucara (from Quechua “red fortress”). These ruins of more than 1100 years are located just 1 km from the city, at the top of a 80-meter promontory. It was built by Tilcara’s aborigines, who were part of the original village of Omaguaca or Humahuaca and gave the name of the famous cliff. Night at the lodge of Tilcara City (welcome dinner).

    We leave Tilcara heading to San Francisco de Alfarcito, crossing an amazing rocky surface called Garganta del Diablo. We arrive to Quebrada Seca (3100 m) by car. There we start the ascent with amazing views of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, its formations and colours.
    Our path takes us to a ravine, gaining altitude gradually until Abra de la Cruz (4200m) and the viewpoint of Cerro Naranjo (5030 m). Then, we descend to the Huairahuasi place. There we set the first camp in the middle of mountain ranches. We get to enjoy the incredible views of the Valley of Tilcara.

    DAY 3: EL MOLULO (3077m)
    After breakfast, we prepare the backpacks. We go down to El Molulo by the Huairahuasi River, until we get to a rocky edge. Once in there we have lunch overlooking the hills that surround us. After lunch we continue hiking for two hours to finally arrive at El Molulo where we camp next to its population.

    After breakfast we hike up to mountain edges and we continue to Abra del Potrero, before the steep climb up to the red rock. Lunch and rest. Then an exigent path will take us from the jungle to the top of the rock. There begins the descent to the small town of San Lucas, where we will spend our last night. The approximate altitude of this stretch will reach the 1865 meters.

    Once in the Calilegua National Park, we leave the town of San Lucas behind along a path that runs parallel the San Lucas River. There, we admire spectacular waterfalls falling from rock masses. Crossing San Lucas River we are at the final climb to get to San Francisco, where the transfer will be waiting to take us to San Salvador de Jujuy or Salta City. This is the end of the trip.

    I am sure you want to visit this magical region of the North of Argentina. I will be waiting for your contact to plan this trip with you, guiding you to the best trek experience you have ever had. 

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    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Accommodation
    • Transportation from your hotel/airport (if in area) to the start of the trip and back
    • Transport during the trip
    • Group porters (transport of tents, cooking equipment, etc. for the group)
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Other details


    One (1) night in the city of Tilcara in a hotel *** (three stars) triple or double base. We offer: Rest Devil, Refugio del Pintor, Northern Rocky or Antigua Tilcara, which offers single, double and triple rooms with private bathrooms. They include reception dinner and breakfast.

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    Meals are all included during the camping days. This is a balanced and complete diet with carbohydrates needed according to this kind of journey. These will be prepared daily by our chefs. Our meals include fresh vegetables, fresh eggs, poultry, beef, fresh bread, fresh fruits, mineral water and Argentine wine, recognized worldwide as one of the best.


    About the Guide


    AAGM Mountain Guide from Argentina.

    I was born in Catamarca province, land of 6000m peaks (los seismiles), such as Pissis and Ojos del Salado.

    I now live in Tilcara, Jujuy, located in the 'Quebrada de Humahuaca' a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    I guide mountaineering, trekking, horse riding and multi adventure trips in Argentina's North and North-West region.

    When guiding, my objective is to provide confidence and safety to my clients, and by the end of the trip to say goodbye as friends.



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    What People are Saying about David A. Torres


    I dont know where to start. But david do not speak english, as he said and lupe from explore and share said he did. But I was thinking okay ill get to practice My spanish. But we had some trouble in communication. And there was some bad communication between david and Explorer and share so i did not get the expedition i bought. I paid My self for 3 days at hostels and hotels althoug it was included also 100 dollars extra for base camp at llullaillaco. At grand tolar david left me at gave me a local guide lorenzo also only speaking spanish but really nice and peacefull and great Guy by the way. But david said he has problems so he had to go. When i got down from summit no david. So i write to him a litle angry where he was and where My stuff was and he was in a city 3 hours away. But he got me some transport to him and ill ended up paying for My hotel there to. Now to the good things. The expedition where beutyfull. And david know whats good for you i got good aklimatation and most places where absolutely stunning. Will i recomend david. Probely not. Unless you speak spanish and make sure everthing is sorte out and no misunderstandings.
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    Anders Viken
    I hired David Torres for a full-day mountain hike at least 2 months in advance. Without explanation or warning, he sent in his place a man with a recently broken ankle who uses a cane to walk! My entire day of \"hiking\" was a 3k slow walk on a flat trail. I have attempted to get a refund, but the company has refused to communicate with me. The replacement guide told me David had another trip at the same time as mine, and chose the other, more lucrative, trip.
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    Margaret Sullivan
    The trip was amazing. The climb especially. Not being used to horse riding it was quite exhausting but overall we were very satisfied with how the day went.
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    Jochen Daems

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