Rock climbing in Sardinia, Kalymnos, Corsica & other Mediterranean Islands

Dolores TillousMarch 12, 2018

Picture yourself climbing a multi-pitch route on a spectacular granite or limestone wall, with the possibility of also having a relaxing time at a sunny beach in a beautiful Mediterranean island. Sounds tempting? We have listed 5 beautiful destinations for you to enjoy this unforgettable experience!

Rock climbing opens your world to unique and challenging adventures and takes you to discover stunning locations all over the world. The Mediterranean islands of Mallorca (Spain), Sardinia (Italy), Kalymnos (Greece), Corsica (France) and Cyprus offer a wide diversity of rock climbing options for all levels and tastes, from sport climbing to traditional climbing and bouldering. Besides, the mild Mediterranean weather makes these islands all-year-round climbing destinations.

The physical and mental challenge of rock climbing combined with the natural beauty of a wild rugged landscape and the blue waters of the Mediterranean will make for an unforgettable rock climbing adventure!

Mallorca (Spain)

Surrounded by impressive sea cliffs and mountains, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and a worldwide famous rock climbing destination. Boasting easily accessible perfect limestone, Mallorca offers more than 90 fantastic climbing spots. You will find single or multi-pitch climbing routes with short approaches, suitable either for beginners or experienced climbers.

Whether you are looking for sport climbing, trad climbing, bouldering or deep water soloing, Mallorca has something for you. Some of the best walls are located in Castell d’Alaró, Sa Gubia, Port de Soller, Torrent de Pareis, Cala Magraner and Cala Santanyi.

Rock climbing Sardinia Mallorca Kalymnos Corsica Cyprus Mediterranean
Climbing in Mallorca. Photo: Carlos Vidal Arque

Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and lush scenery make this Spanish island one of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans in summer. However, its sunny and nice climate make it also an all-year-round climbing destination. If you choose to avoid the crowds, bear in mind the weather is still mild in fall and spring. Even in winter, Mallorca is a sunny and relatively warm destination in Europe.

If you want to combine climbing with other activities you can check out this 7-day tour. Or take a look at this rock climbing trip of 1 or more days, through some of the best climbing spots in the island.

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Kalymnos (Greece)

If you are looking for some of the finest limestone crags in the world, Kalymnos is the place to go. This tiny Greek Island in the Aegean Sea is well known as a sport climber’s paradise, and it’s also the perfect site to venture yourself into climbing or to improve your skills.

In Kalymnos you can have a view of the beautiful blue sea from almost anywhere you climb. You will be amazed by the challenging rock formations you can find here: over 50 cliffs of quality limestone and more tan 1000 single pitches, and even some longer routes. This beautiful island offers great rock climbing and bouldering possibilities for all levels. If you have enough time available, check out this 8-day rock climbing tour in Kalymnos. In case you are short of time, check out this private climbing tours of 1 or more days.


Rock Climbing Sardinia Mallorca Kalymnos Corsica Cyprus Mediterranean
Kalymnos is paradise for sport climbers. Photo: (Guide: Mario Castiglioni)

Besides, Kalymnos is simplicity and authenticity at its best. You will get to enjoy the great hospitality of locals and delicious typical Greek dishes, together with untouched scenery, amazing blue sea and great beaches. The mild climate allow for all year round adventures, although spring and autumn are the best seasons for a rock climbing trip.

You also have the option of joining this sailing and climbing trip in Kalymnos and enjoy an unforgettable 7-day adventure.

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Sardinia (Italy)

Located just south of Corsica, Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and an impressive playground for climbers. It boasts an amazing variety of possibilities, from great single or multi-pitch routes to trad climbing and from overhanging tufas to vertical slabs .

Cliffs falling into the sea, deep canyons and incredible coves make Sardinia a must for rock climbers, not to mention its beautiful beaches and mountainous interior. Check out this 2-day rock climbing tour and explore the best spots of this paradise island.


Rock climbing Sardinia Mallorca Kalymnos Corsica Cyprus Mediterranean
Spectacular views in Sardinia. Photo: (Guide Riccardo Quaranta)

The rock formation in Sardinia varies from limestone formations to basalt and fantastic granite walls. Most of the 4000 sport routes are bolted on solid limestone, whereas the granite is left unspoiled for classical trad climbing. If you are looking to improve your skills, check out this 4-day intermediate rock climbing course in Sardinia. You will learn new skills with the spectacular backdrop of the Mediterranean.

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Corsica (France)

The French island of Corsica may not be the most popular rock climbing destination, but it is the best spot for climbing if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy fantastic climbing options surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can find granite, limestone and also sandstone walls in Corsica. This beautiful island offers plenty of rock climbing possibilities, with peaks rising up to 2000 meters. Its nice weather makes it an all year round location.

Rock climbing Corsica Mallorca Kalymnos Sardinia Cyprus Mediterranean
Rock climbing in Corte, Corsica. Photo: Cédric Specia

The Aiguilles de Bavella is probably the most popular spot for rock climbing in Corsica and it is ideal for adventurous climbers. Its red granite walls, shaped as needles and full of intricate routes are located in the centre of the massif of the same name, in the south of the island. Bavella offers a wilder terrain than Restonica. You will find both single and multi-pitch routes here. You can check this Bavella guided climbing tour and explore many amazing routes there.

Corte, a small town in the center of Corsica, is the perfect base for challenging rock climbing adventures. In this mountainous region with lakes you can explore some great climbing locations, like the Tavignanu Valley, Restonica, Popolasca and the Verghellu Valley. Bear in mind the routes here range from difficult to extremely difficult. Check out these Corte rock climbing tours. Just 15 km away from Corte, in northwestern Corsica, the Asco valley is another spectacular climbing area.

You can check out this great blog post about the 5 best spots for rock climbing in Corsica.

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The Republic of Cyprus is an island country, located south of Turkey and southeast of Greece. It is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Although relatively unknown as a climbing destination, Cyprus offers a wide diversity of great climbing routes, with opportunities for beginners and also for experienced climbers.  The routes in Cyprus ar more varied than many of other climbing areas in the Mediterranean.

Rock climbing Sardinia Mallorca Kalymnos Corsica Cyprus Mediterranean
Spectacular cliffs await you in Cyprus. Photo: Kyriakos Rossidis

In Cyprus you will find limestone and sand crags straight on the sea, and also volcanic cliffs high up on the mountain. Also, there are more traditional climbing routes than sport climbing ones.

Boasting a mild weather, Cyprus offers all year round climbing possibilities. However, the best time of the year to come is during spring and autumn. You can join this 6-day climbing road trip and explore the best spots in the island. If you are looking to venture yourself into climbing in a spectacular setting, check this 6-day course for beginners.

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