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10 Incredible Ski Adventures Around the World


Daniel Dawson

September 18, 2019

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As the summer comes to a close in the Northern Hemisphere and the leaves on the trees slowly begin to change, the time to start planning your next ski adventures begins.

From the remote wilderness of Central Asia to the postcard-perfect destinations in Europe, there are plenty of incredible and diverse ski trip spots to check out. There is also a rich diversity of types of skiing to try out, regardless of where you head.

By the time mid-December comes around, it will be time to dust off the skis and climbing skins and prepare your passport for yet another epic skiing season.

Overall, there are about 75 different countries boasting powder-filled slopes that are just waiting to be explored. While seeing all of them would take several lifetimes, we’ve distilled this massive pile down to a list of just 10 epic spots to head to for your next ski vacation!

1. Powder skiing in Niseko (Japan)


Boasting dry and extremely light snowfall, Niseko is one of the top powder skiing spots in Japan and the world!


Situated on the eastern end of Japan’s northern Hokkaido island, there are few better places to head out for a freeride skiing adventure. The slopes of Mount Yotei, the highest point on the island, provide an excellent starting point for an epic day – or week – of powder skiing fun, and make Niseko a favorite spot for professional skiers and snowboarders alike!

Don’t hesitate any longer! Book your next skiing holiday to the deep powder slopes of Niseko now!

2. Heliskiing in British Columbia (Canada)


Heading to the birthplace of heliskiing to experience the sport for the first (or hundredth) time is never a bad idea.


With stunning mountain scenery, plenty of unspoiled and high-quality powder, as well as a huge and empty backcountry, the western Canadian province of British Columbia, is a veritable paradise for heliskiers.

From the western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, on the eastern border of the province, to the sublime wilderness of the Skeena Mountains nearly 1,000 kilometers away, the perfect heliskiing adventure is just waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next skiing holiday to beautiful British Columbia right now!

3. Ski Touring in the Lyngen Alps (Norway)


Hailed as one of the few places in the world that allow skiing from a mountain summit to the seashore, Norway’s northerly Lyngen Alps make for a unique and incredibly picturesque ski trip.


Advanced skiers will enjoy a raft of perks by heading out to one of Norway’s top ski touring spots. Plentiful powder, incredible mountain and fjord scenery and the chance to see the sublime Aurora Borealis are just a few reasons to venture to northern Norway.

Heading out on a skiing and sailing trip is the perfect way to experience the Lyngen Alps. Explore different parts of this low-lying coastal range while enjoying incredible views at every turn. Just keep your eyes peeled for polar bears!

Don’t wait a minute more! Book your next skiing holiday to Norway’s incredible Lyngen Alps right now!

4. Off-piste skiing in Vallée Blanche (France)


Situated between the lovely ski village of Chamonix and Aiguille du Midi, Vallée Blanche is one of the top off-piste skiing spots in France, and the world!


Starting from the summit of Aiguille du Midi, off-piste skiers make the 20 kilometers and 2,800 vertical meter descent through the picture-perfect valley and back to Chamonix.

Along the way, you’ll cross powder-covered glaciers, enjoy views of some of the area’s most iconic mountains and enjoy the type of adrenaline rush that can only be achieved when racing down pristine powder-filled slopes.

So don’t delay! Book your next ski trip to Vallée Blanche today!

5. Freeride skiing in Verbier (Switzerland)


The southern Swiss valley of Verbier is a veritable paradise for freeride skiing enthusiasts.


The idyllic village and surrounding valley are part of the 4 Vallées Ski Area, which boasts more than 400 kilometers of incredible freeriding options.

The 3,222 meter tall Bec des Rosses and Mont Gelé are two of the top spots in the valley. While neither is appropriate for novice off-piste skiers, both are the perfect place for intermediate and advanced ski tourers to explore and experience the immaculate beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Wait no more! Book your next freeride ski vacation to Verbier right now!

6. Ski touring in Siberia (Russia)


Accounting for 77 percent of Russia’s land area, Siberia is truly massive. In addition to its incredible size, the Russian region is also home to some of the country’s top ski touring spots.


From the fresh powder and sublime beauty of the Baikal Mountains to the world-renowned freeride spots around Luzhbak, Siberia is a veritable playground for experienced and adventurous ski tourers.

The region’s unique culture, remote landscapes, and stunning scenery make for a truly unique experience; one that would be nearly impossible to emulate anywhere else.

So don’t wait any longer and book your next unique ski adventure to Siberia today!

7. Freeride Skiing & Ski touring in the Dolomites (Italy)


Among the limestone peaks and massifs of the Dolomites some of Italy’s best freeride skiing and ski touring opportunities are found.


From the six-day Dolomites Haute Route tour, which takes skiers through some of the most iconic scenery in the range, to freeriding down Marmolada, the highest peak in the alpine subrange, there are nearly endless opportunities.

Regardless of where you head, enjoy stunning scenery, plentiful powder and discover why these Italian mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hesitate no longer! Book your next skiing holiday to Italy’s Dolomite mountains right now!

8. Ski Touring in the Terskey Mountains (Kyrgyzstan)


Stretching for more than 350 kilometers across the eastern portion of this small Central Asian country, the Terskey Mountains boast some of the best ski touring spots in Kyrgyzstan.


Nicknamed the Heavenly Mountains, this remote range is the perfect place for an immersive backcountry skiing experience. Gorgeous scenery and unspoiled powder are easily found here.

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Heading from the summit of its 2,000-meter high peaks back down into the valleys below is a real treat for skiers who are used to the classic spots in Europe or North America and are looking for something truly unique.

Don’t wait a second longer! Book your next ski adventure to Kyrgyzstan’s wild and wonderful Terskey Mountains!

9. Backcountry Skiing in Colorado (United States)


‘Colorful Colorado’, as the state is affectionately known by the locals, works hard to earn its name. Head out on a backcountry skiing adventure here and you are sure to find out why!


The pristine white of snow-capped mountains, verdant evergreen forests, and stunning purple and red rock formations, combine to create an incredibly scenic backdrop for any type of adventure.

Take this sublime scenery and combine it with high-quality snow and the incredible terrains of the San Juan Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park or the Summit Region and discover (or rediscover) what you’ve been missing.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next backcountry ski trip to Colorful Colorado right now!

10. Ski Touring in the Troll Peninsula (Iceland)


Considered one of Iceland’s most iconic wintertime destinations, the Troll Peninsula is home plentiful ski touring opportunities.


Jutting into the Arctic Ocean from the north of the country, the peninsula boasts incredible mountains and fjord scenery, light powder snow, and a remote backcountry ambiance.

Enjoy various 1,500 vertical meter descents from snow-capped peaks into stunning glacial valleys or even the seaside. At 1,538 meters in elevation, Mount Kerling is the tallest and a worthwhile challenge for any ski tourer in the area.

So don’t hesitate and book your next skiing holiday to the sublime slopes of Iceland’s Troll Peninsula today!


Winter is coming and as soon as December, layers of excellent skiing powder will be lining the slopes of mountain ranges around the world. Turn your next ski vacation into an unforgettable occasion and check out one of the numerous epic ski adventures from around the world!


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