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Mount Tronador Hiking

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Mount Tronador (3554m) is located south of the Andes Mountains, near the city of Bariloche (Argentina) very close to the border with Chile. The name ‘Tronador’ (thunder, in English) is due to the thunder-like noise as a result of frequent glacial landslides. It has three peaks, the Argentine peak to the east, the Chilean peak to the west and a border summit, called the International peak. The mountain is covered by seven glaciers and there is an area at its base where ice is dyed black by sediments.

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On the Argentine side, a trail allows us to get close to the foot of the rock walls that surround the mount, to the point of losing sight of the summit due to its excessive proximity to it. The best views of Mount Tronador are obtained in the nearby area of Pampa Linda.


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Best time to visit

From October to March


Argentine Peso, although US Dollar is also accepted

How to get there

From the city of Bariloche you should go to Pampa Linda. It takes 2 hours by car or bus

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