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Hiking in the Slovak High Tatras

A natural barrier that divides Slovakia from Poland, but brings together travelers from all over the world

The High Tatras have 11 peaks that exceed 2500 meters high and almost all of them are on the Slovak side. The area is well known for its winter sports, with famous ski resorts. However, hiking with varied options for all types of physical and technical requirements, make the Slovak High Tatras, a must for travelers looking for outdoor adventures. Take a look at our top hiking trips in the Slovak High Tatras and hire a local certified mountain guide from Explore-Share.com!

Top hiking trips | Slovak High Tatras:


There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Slovakia

Many rare and endemic plants and animals are native to the High Tatras. Large predators such as the bear, the European lynx, marten, wolf and fox live here. You may meet some of them in your hiking expedition.


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Best time to visit

From the beginning of July until the end of August

How to get there

We suggest you go to the town of Poprad located on the slopes of the Tatra Mountains. You can get there by train from the main cities of the country (Bratislava and Kosice). Or by car, since the largest highway in Slovakia reaches Propad. Finally, there is a bus to other important cities such as Bratislava, Kosice and Levoca. You can also use the bus to Tatranská Lomnica from the Starý Smokovec bus station, and visit other locations in the Tatras

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