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Hiking in the Slovak High Tatras

A natural barrier that divides Slovakia from Poland, but brings together travelers from all over the world

The High Tatras have 11 peaks that exceed 2500 meters high and almost all of them are on the Slovak side. The area is well known for its winter sports, with famous ski resorts. However, hiking with varied options for all types of physical and technical requirements, make the Slovak High Tatras, a must for travelers looking for outdoor adventures. Take a look at our top hiking trips in the Slovak High Tatras and hire a local certified mountain guide from Explore-Share.com!

Top hiking trips | Slovak High Tatras:


What people are saying about these trips

Marylise Sacco


October, 2022

Slovak Paradise National Park, 1 day hiking in Sucha Bela gorge

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Anu Gujran


October, 2022

Explore Slovakia nature – High Tatras, Fatras

Peter was brilliant. We trekked in snow and he ensured that we were safe through all the technical sections. Especially considering we were trekking with my teenager. He secured us with ropes, had brought crampons. We changed our itinerary due to bad weather. He has us trekking in Slovak paradise And gave us the experience of Ferrata sections. It was awesome. We were blessed with one clear day and we made spectacular day out of it by hiking green lake in high tatras. All in all, Peter kept us safe, motivated and gave us brilliant hiking experience in high Tatras. He was knowledgeable and friendly. A perfect guide. Thank you for making our Slovakia trip so memorable♥️

Lisa F.


October, 2021

Slovak Paradise National Park, 1 day hiking in Sucha Bela gorge

If you find yourself in Slovakia do not miss an opportunity for a hike with Marcel in Paradise National Park. He is an amazing guide, and my hike with him was a definite highlight of my almost two week vacation in three countries. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, watched over me, and kept us moving at a comfortable pace with opportunities for breaks in between. He also speaks excellent English, and always responded promptly and was in touch frequently before the trip which gave me peace of mind. He also took wonderful pictures of me and surroundings during the hike which are such fun memories to have to look back on. Again, DO NOT MISS an opportunity for a hike in Slovakia with Marcel!!

Daniele Bonetti


May, 2021

Slovak Paradise National Park, 1 day hiking in Sucha Bela gorge

Marcel is a great guide. We had a great day with him - both for the places but especially for his company. You can definitely see he loves his job, the places and showing them to people. Aside from being an expert of his own field, he has also been a great travel companion and he had many historical/anecdotical stories to share. Definitely recommended!

Andres Sacobucci


January, 2020

Suchá Belá Gorge trek – Slovak Paradise

Our guide was the BEST! He explained a lot about the country, took videos and photos of us. We had such great moments and he also give us some Slovakian souvenirs at the end.

Graham Boyes


July, 2019

Rysy Summit, High Tatras, Slovakia, Guided Trek

Great trek with a highly qualified and friendly guide. The hike was quite challenging and would have taken us longer to reach the summit then anticipated but despite not making it to the top we had a fabulous experience with great scenery and views. Would recommend booking with Peter, a real pro.

Nora Nagybarany


June, 2019

Eagle Path, High Tatras, Guided Hiking Tour

I had a wonderful day and hike in the Tatras. I recommend this tour to anyone who would like to practice climbing safely and/or wishes to learn more about the surroundings.

Phoebe Dean


January, 2019

Explore Slovakia nature – High Tatras, Fatras

Amazing hike in the snow from Hrebienok. Peter was a fantastic guide, super friendly and knowledgeable and took lots of photos/videos for us as memories of the day. Really couldn’t have asked for more and we would recommend everyone visit this beautiful part of the world!

Kirsty Ireton


December, 2018

Teryho Chata Hut, High Tatras, Guided Hike

This adventure with Peter was exactly what we wanted. We had no experience hiking in the snow (only summer hiking) so it was great to have guidance (and crampons) when we needed it. Peter told us stories about the area/mountains and was a fantastic photographer! We highly recommend.



August, 2018

Explore Slovakia nature – High Tatras, Fatras

We had a lot of fun with Peter, learning about the mountains and Slovak culture. He was a lot of fun!

Mimi Ying


June, 2018

Rysy Summit, High Tatras, Slovakia, Guided Trek

I am not a strong mountain hiker, and need many small breakes during ascending. Peter was very patient and controlling the pace very well. We were relatively lucky with the comfortable weather, and saw both wild life and beautiful High Tatras and Rysy Summit. Peter is very experienced guide and mountain rescuer, he cares these mountains dearly. You will be in good hands hiking with him. I had a wonderful day and would do it again!

Umar Khan


March, 2018

Explore Slovakia nature – High Tatras, Fatras

Peter was very professional, helpful and friendly from the beginning. As my intention was to Winter Hike, Peter came prepared with all the right equipment for me. The Hike was challenging as I had 10kg bag to carry with plenty of steep hikes, I found Peter very patient and helpful. This was one of the greatest experience I have ever had and this was down to the fact Peter made sure I enjoyed my day thoroughly as a Solo Traveller! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to visit Tatras!


There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Slovakia

Many rare and endemic plants and animals are native to the High Tatras. Large predators such as the bear, the European lynx, marten, wolf and fox live here. You may meet some of them in your hiking expedition.


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Best time to visit

From the beginning of July until the end of August

How to get there

We suggest you go to the town of Poprad located on the slopes of the Tatra Mountains. You can get there by train from the main cities of the country (Bratislava and Kosice). Or by car, since the largest highway in Slovakia reaches Propad. Finally, there is a bus to other important cities such as Bratislava, Kosice and Levoca. You can also use the bus to Tatranská Lomnica from the Starý Smokovec bus station, and visit other locations in the Tatras

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