1 Day Freeriding Tour in Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido


Join an ex-pro local JMGA snowboard guide for freeriding in the Asahidake / Daisetsuzan Area


1 Day

Jan, Feb, Mar




The beauty of freeriding in Asahikawa / Daisetsuzan Area is that it has the best quality of powder snow.

Asahikawa is a city in the middle of Japan’s north island. It is also northeast of Sapporo, at 1.50 hours by train.

Many skiers come to this ski resort area because they can find the best quality of snow. In fact, we can enjoy waist-deep dry powder snow if the weather and snow conditions allow us. The amount of snow here is lesser than Niseko and temperatures are lower.

And another reason why I like snowboarding in Daisetsuzan Area is because even though the amount of snow is less than in Niseko, the temperature here is typically much lower and the dry / light snow conditions holds even for 3 or 4 days after the snowfall.

I offer this as a one day trip but let me know if you’d be interested in multi days as well. Also contact me in advance if you need pick-up from Asahikawa / Asahidake / Higashikawa, or also if you have a particular summit or route you’d like to go.

So, let’s ski / snowboard the fabulous powder snow in the vicinity of Asahikawa, in Daisetsuzan National Park!

Required Technical Level:

Beginners in backcountry skiing are welcome, but they need to be proficient in downhill skiing / snowboarding on piste. We can access Asahidake only by lift.

Excluded from Price:

  • Accommodation fee
    – High end hotel or ryokan with onsen (halfboard): usually around JPY 20,000 per person per night
    – Standard hotel with onsen (halfboard): about JPY 10,000 per person per night
    – Basic hotels without meals: JPY 5,000 per person per night

  •  Lift fee: about JPY 5,000 per day


Day 1: Freeriding in Daisetsuzan Area

I will tell you where we can meet depending on the area we will be riding, and alternatively I can come pick you up from your hotel if you want.

The day is a mixture of lift assisted freeride skiing / snowboarding and full hike style backcountry skiing / snowboarding. I will decide the exact area we are going the night before or in the morning of the day of the tour. It will be somewhere around Asahikawa, based on the weather / conditions and my experience.




Excluded from the price: – Deluxe hotel / ryokan with onsen (halfboard): about JPY 20,000 / person for 1 night – Regular hotel with onsen (halfboard): about JPY 10,000 / per person for 1 night – Basic hotels without meals: JPY 5,000 / per person for 1 night

More info

-Lift fee: about JPY5,000 for one day pass. -Please buy traveler’s insurance covering this specific activity personally in advance.

Kit List Basic gear and wear - Ski gear (fat ski, snowboard, telemark and suitable ski boots). Ski gear rental is not available. - Warm jacket (hooded is the best, prevent the cold, water-proof, high moisture permeability) - Mid layer (e.g. synthetic fleece: cotton parka or shirt is not suitable) - Base layer (wool or synthetic: easy to dry) - Ski goggles (Sunglasses are not good enough) - Gloves (thick and warm) - Beanie (warm and over ears) - Neck warmer (for protecting face from cold wind: Balaclava is the best) - Helmet (strongly recommended)

*Ski gear rental is not available.

Insurance It is necessary for you to be covered by an appropriate insurance for this activity.


About the guide

I am a JMGA certified mountain and ski/snowboard guide, born and raised in Hokkaido, currently living near the foot of Asahidake (in Daisetsuzan National Park), where my primary guiding arena is.
I started snowboarding when I was 14, and competed in halfpipe snowboarding professionally since 2000. Since then, my interests have changed to mainly backcountry snowboarding (mainly on split boards). I’m a professional snowboarder and have been featured in magazines and DVDs as well. I’ve boarded in Alaska as well, both for heli snowboarding and touring by building a base camp on a glacier.

I will guide all genre of backcountry players, whether it be skiers, snowboarders, split boarders, or telemarkers. I particularly enjoy natural half pipe terrains and riding down steep slopes.

Daisetsuzan area (e.g. Asahidake) and Tokachidake area are in central Hokkaido, located far away from the sea. This means that we get the driest powder snow in Japan, and at times it will be hip deep. The total snowfall in this region is typically less than in Niseko, but because of the colder climate, the snow remains powdery for a longer period of time (so you get to enjoy powder even 3-4 days after the snowfall/dump!) and also until later in the season (March) than Niseko.

I would love to show you my home ground, and with my local knowledge I can take you to the best place for your abilities and requirements, and the condition of the day!!

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Prices per person

Group of 1

JPY 26805 Each

Group of 2

JPY 13403 Each

Group of 3

JPY 13403 Each

Group of 4

JPY 13403 Each

Group of 5

JPY 13403 Each

Group of 6

JPY 13403 Each

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- Guiding fee

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