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3-day Matterhorn ascent with preparation in Breithorn

Come to the indomitable peak of Matterhorn on a 3-day ascent and training program in Breithorn ridge, giving you the full Alpine experience with an exhilarating summit in the Alps.


3 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




* Conquer one of the most daunting peaks in the entire Alps.

* Increase the chances of summiting Matterhorn with a preparation/assessment day in Breithorn ridge.

* Breath in the life-changing views from Europe’s iconic mountain areas.


Grab your crampons and dig in to a 3-day Matterhorn program that includes a preparation and assessment day in Breithorn ridge before the 2-day Matterhorn ascent. The preparation day in Breithorn is key for the guide and client to get to know each other, go over some techniques that will be used for Matterhorn, and strongly increase the chances of reaching Matterhorn summit.

During the Breithorn traverse, we will go on diverse types of terrain, which is ideal to get ready for Matterhorn: first on glacier, and then on exposed rocky and snow ridges, depending on conditions.

The legendary peak of the Matterhorn needs no introduction. This 4,478-meter behemoth is one of the most sought-after mountains in the world, and has certainly cemented itself as a symbol of the mountaineering community. The pyramidal shape at the top of the rock is as evocative as it is difficult to conquer.

So let’s do it together! This program is designed to give you all of the necessary tools to safely and efficiently reach the top of the Matterhorn. I will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are in the best position for a successful ascent. By building up to our main objective, you will have higher chances to successfully accomplish this high iconic summit.

You should be in great physical shape for this program with ample mountaineering experience. The demanding aspects of this ascent require a high level of proficiency and preparation, physically and mentally speaking.

We will meet in Zermatt, and on day 1 go for the Breithorn traverse for the day, going back to Zermatt for the night. On day 2 we will take the cable car and then hike for a couple of hours to Hörnli hut. Day 3 is our attempt to summit Matterhorn, we will start at 4 am and head to the Hörnli Ridge, and from there, 4-5 hours to the peak.

The dedicated push to the top of Matterhorn may be challenging, but the work is well worth the reward. Sweeping views of the surrounding Swiss Alps, including views south into Italy, await us. After taking in the panoramas and the thrill of the climb, we will return back to the hut and to Zermatt with an unforgettable experience to add to your resume.

Book this exciting Matterhorn ascent with training in Breithorn ridge and enjoy 3 days of guided climbing that will take you to the top of an Alpine legend!

If you had your eyes on other iconic peaks in the Swiss Alps, we can go for a 3-Day Ascent of the Eiger via the Mittellegi Ridge!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The listed price is per person and only includes the guiding fee (1 guide can take only 1 client on Matterhorn). Additionally, the client must consider the cost for huts, food, drinks, and transportation during the tour, for the guide and themselves.


More info

The guide ratio is 1:1 for the ascent.

Meeting point



What's the ideal time to climb Matterhorn?

Usually, the best conditions are between mid-July and early September. The season to climb Matterhorn starts towards July 1st, when the hut opens. It's not possible to do Matterhorn on June.

How do I reach Zermatt by car or plane?

If you're traveling by car, you'll need to park in Täsch, which is about 5 kilometers (3 miles) away from Zermatt. From Täsch, you can catch a train (running every 15 minutes) or take a taxi to reach the village.
By plane, most likely you'll fly into either Geneva or Zurich. From there, you can hop on a train that takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach Zermatt.

What additional expenses should I expect to pay on site?

The payment you make here to secure the booking includes my guiding fee.
In addition to this, there will be the cost of the mountain hut accommodation for both of us on Matterhorn (approximately 150 CHF per person) and the lift fees.
If you require equipment rental, you can easily do so at one of the shops in Zermatt.

What experience, skill and fitness level do I need to go on this trip, and increase the chances of summiting Matterhorn?

In order to increase the chances of summiting Matterhorn, it's great if you choose this 3-day option including a preparation and assestment climb on Breithorn.This will allow me to assess your climbing skills and we can practice various techniques together prior to climbing Matterhorn.
While climbing Matterhorn is considered one of the iconic adventures in the Alps, it is important to note that it is a challenging alpine tour. Achieving the goal requires proper acclimatization, training, and endurance. It is essential to spend severald days before the trip in Zermatt or nearby huts at an elevation of 3000 meters to acclimatize effectively.

What is the maximum number of climbers you can guide on Matterhorn?

The guide-client ratio in Matterhorn is 1:1. This means one mountain guide can take only one client for the Matterhorn climb.
If you are planning to come with other climbers, I can check with my colleagues and try finding additional guide(s) to accommodate your group.

Can you provide a list of the necessary equipment I should bring?

The equipment you need includes basic mountaineerng and climbing gear, such as mountaineering boots, ice axe, crampons, helmet, harness, etc. All these can be rented from the rental shops in Zermatt. After your booking, I will share a comprehensive gear list with you.

How far in advance should I book this Matterhorn trip?

I recommend you to book as early as possible. Many climbers want to go to Matterhorn during the summer, and my availability is quite limited. Therefore, my slots tend to fill up rapidly.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I’m a mountain guide based in Bled, Slovenia. Climbing and alpinism are a big part of my life and I feel like mountains are my second home.

I was introduced to the mountains by my father, a mountain rescuer and a romantic alpinist. He made sure that I don’t see the mountains only as a sports playground but also as a place where a person can enjoy and get to know himself better.

Living in the heart of the Slovenian Alps gave me a chance to develop all disciplines of alpinism: hard rock climbing and wild ridges in the summer, sketchy mixed climbing and ski touring in the winter. I am fortunate that climbing took me on expeditions all over the world, from Patagonia to Himalayas. Since being on the higher ground is my second home, becoming a mountain guide came naturally.

As a mountain guide I want to share my passion for mountains in a respectful and friendly way. What drives me is bringing the beauty of higher mountains and alpinism closer to people who want to enjoy higher peaks but need safe guiding.


English | Slovenian



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What people are saying about Martin



Every thing was okay Perfect professional guide ANDREJ, very good dates choosen with perfect weather conditions !!



We had an amazing time. Andrej is such a good guide, he has so much experience, we learnt a lot from him! We also felt completely safe even on those parts of the route which were a bit more difficult. The route itself is great for aspiring climbers. We had no climbing experience and felt it was perfect - you do climb the whole of the North face and there is almost no walking so you definitely get a good taste of alpine climbing but it is not too technical. It took us a long time, longer than expected, and we ended up staying in a mountain hut overnight and walking back the next day. Definitely do it but if you want to go the summit it might be better to book the two day trip as it a very long climb indeed (it took us 15 hours to get to the summit) - but of course totally worth it and the views are spectacular!



Brilliant trip we didn't do what we planned the eiger Because of the weather but he made every effort to make sure we did something else. We did the matterhorn and it was a brilliant trip guided really well, loads of knowledge. Thank you very much



Martin is a complete professional on and off the mountain. Always willing to share insights and knowledge about alpinism and climbing and made me feel comfortable and safe at all times. Whenever I had questions before the climb he would always be quick to answer with all the relevant information. The summit attempt of the Matterhorn was a success and Martin brought joy, knowledge and energy throughout the entire process.



Martin Zumer is an incredibly skilled climber who successfully guided me to the top of the Matterhorn. I felt safe with him for the entire trip, and I developed confidence in my own personal climbing abilities with his guidance. It was a lot of fun to climb with him and learn from him, and I would highly recommend him as a guide any day.

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