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Lassen National Park, 3 Day Guided Splitboard Tour

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Join AMGA certified mountain guide Eric on a 3 day splitboarding tour through the beautiful Lassen National Park in the stunning Cascades mountain range of California.

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Cascade Range

3 Days

Mar, Apr




Are you looking for a quiet and tranquil, yet still exciting and fun getaway? If you are, then this 3 day splitboarding tour in the gorgeous Lassen national Park in California will be perfect for you. This amazing park is located in the southern Cascades mountain range. And despite its immense size and beauty, it is not the first park people think of when it comes to natural parks to visit in California. As a result, the Lassen National park has developed a reputation as a place to visit when you want to escape the crowds.

Every day during this trip you will have the chance to explore a large portion of the park. And every night, you will get to rest easy and comfortably in a campsite. Hence allowing you to look up and admire the endless night sky filled with more stars than there are numbers to count them.

And while peace and solitude are definitely some of the best highlights of this trip, they are certainly not the only ones. There are some absolutely thrilling descents in this park, which you will get to enjoy in their entirety, including the opportunity to splitboard down some of the park’s volcanic peaks! There are also several bowls and steep slopes to enjoy as well.

Furthermore, there will also be some educational aspects to this trip, including tips and lessons about everything from splitboard touring techniques and rescue basics to avalanche awareness.

The scenery and the peace, the fun and the skills you will acquire or further develops make this 3 day adventure a fantastic opportunity. And if you would like to be a part of it, just send us a request, and enjoy the Lassen National park.

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