Rock climbing in les Calanques, Marseille

Discover the fantastic climbing walls of les Calanques in Marseille, in the South of France, together with Robin, a IFMGA mountain guide based there.




Trip Duration

1+ day

Mountain Range

Massif des Calanques

People per Guide

4 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Type of Trip

Not specified



    Climbing is a great source of pleasure and sensations. An activity in itself, it is also the founding basis for other areas such as ice climbing, mixed mountaineering and rocky terrain. And when you try climbing it’s hard to stop… Come discover with me les Calanques on its white limestone rocks along its most beautiful routes.

    The number of routes in Les Calanques is impressive and each has its own specificities:

    • Mythical traverse over water;
    • Great way in little equipped crack;
    • Modern route offering beautiful climbing days.

    I especially like to go rock climbing in the Calanques of Marseille because:

    • There is an environment there as there isn’t anywhere esle;
    • It is a white rock that contrasts with the blue of the sea;
    • I love the wildlife there and the smell of the South…;
    • There are climbing routes for everyone, for every level, for every wish !

    There is something for all levels from Beginner to Expert (3a to 7c) and I will define a program based on your objectives : getting the basics, become autonomous, learn the safety technics…

    Here is a small selection of climbing routes that I like very much :

    • Traversée Ramond 4a
    • L’arête de Marseille 5b
    • Traversée sans retour 5c
    • Armatta Calanqua 6c
    • La Coryphène 6b…

    Here are some other options we can do together in the south of France:

    I usually take 4 people with me, in order to maximize the safety and my attention for each climber. We can choose the dates and duration based on your wishes. We can climb at the Calanques throughout the year. If you are larger group, I will ask a colleague of mine, IFMGA certified as well, to join us.

    Contact me and let’s discuss a program that suits you. I am happy to introduce you to these exceptional places I know so well coming from that region. 

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    250 EUR

    Group of 2
    150 EUR

    Group of 3
    115 EUR

    Group of 4
    88 EUR

    Group of 8
    40 EUR


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee

    Other details

    More info

    We usually start climbing at 10hs and we finish at 15 or 16hs.


    About the Guide


    I was born in 1990 and I am based in Toulon. I am a high mountain guide and photographer. I started loving climbing during my youth, and I later discovered alpinism. This took me to visit many paths in the Alps, as well as expeditions. At the same time, I became a high mountain guide when I was 24 because I loved it and wanted to share my passion.
    I like to travel and I offer my services in the French massifs (Mercantour, Hautes Alpes, Chamonix) and abroad (Switzerland, Italy) all year long. I will do my best to enrich your journey with my experience and to guide you to reach you dream summit.

    FROM 40 EURper person, per day


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