Rock climbing in les Calanques, Marseille


Enjoy a unique rock climbing adventure in Les Calanques and discover awe-inspiring views and amazing routes with one of our certified local guides.

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Massif des Calanques

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  • Enjoy a unique rock climbing adventure in Les Calanques.
  • Join a program tailored to your preferences and needs.
  • Revel at the awe-inspiring views from the cliffs of Les Calanques.


Climbing is a great source of pleasure and sensations. It is also at the core of other activities such as ice climbing, mixed mountaineering, and scrambling. And when you try climbing it’s hard to stop… Come and enjoy this exhilarating adventure sport the Les Calanques white limestone with one of our guides.

The unique outdoor environment, the contrast of the white rock against the blue sea, the stunning wildlife and the wide range of climbing routes make Les Calanques a top location for rock climbing in Europe. Additionally, the weather is great for climbing year-round!

The number of routes in Les Calanques is impressive and each has its own charm. There is something for every level, from Beginner to Expert (3a to 7c) and we can define a program based on your objectives: learning the basics, becoming autonomous, learning safety techniques and more.

Some of the best routes in the region include:

  • Traversée Ramond 4a

  • L’arête de Marseille 5b

  • Traversée sans retour 5c

  • Armatta Calanqua 6c

  • La Coryphène 6b…

Climbing groups are reduced and usually limited to a maximum of 2 people in order to maximize safety. We can choose the dates and duration based on your wishes.

So, are you ready for an exciting rock climbing adventure in the south of France? The send your request now and get ready to explore the beautiful Calanques du Marseille! We look forward to guiding you!


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We usually start climbing at 10hs and we finish at 15 or 16hs.


About the guide

Gauthier and his team of IFMGA/UIMLA-certified mountain guides & leaders and rock climbing instructors (Anabelle, Andrea, Andrej, Claire, Christophe, Daniel, Elis, Enrico, Etienne, François, Guillaume, Ivan, Jessy, Julia, Mathis, Mitja, Olivier, and Robin) are some of the top outdoor adventure professionals in Europe.

Whether you wish to climb some of the best mountains in the Alps or go on an exciting bouldering adventure in Fontainbleau, among other amazing options, they will be able to show you the top spots and the ropes to ensure you have an unforgettable and safe adventure.

Gauthier will be your main point of contact during the booking process and will be able to help you with all the questions you have in order to make sure you receive the best possible guiding service.

Pick one of the programs featured for E-S Adventure Guides and start planning an awe-inspiring experience in the mountains!

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