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Mountain Climbing in Catamarca

Explore the beautiful sights and impressive mountains of Catamarca

Tucked away in the North West of Argentina, Catamarca is a province rich with mountainous terrain. From the expansive desert plains to the high snow-covered peaks, the landscape is also both dramatic and varied. It’s home to the highest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado and many more mountains which can be climbed in one day or across multiple days.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Argentina

From desert that stretches out for miles and mountains that rise high up to the sky, the terrain in Catamarca is breathtakingly beautiful. Explore and admire its aquamarine lakes, rugged mountains and hot springs.


Good to know:

Country code





Argentinean peso

Best time to visit

October through March for mountain climbing

How to get there

Fly to Catamarca from Buenos Aires then transfer by car. Another option is to fly to Calama in Chile from Santiago


The temperatures in this area varies from 6 °C a 33 °C annually. The summers tend to be long and hot and winters mild

More info about Mountain Climbing in Catamarca:

There are a number of mountains and volcanoes to climb in Catamarca. From the extremely high Ojos del Salado volcano which sits on the border of Argentina and Chile, to the Cerro Incahuasi which sits at 6640 meters. To climb either of these mountains you’ll need first acclimatize. At 6799 meters, Monte Pissis is another great mountain to climb and it’s actually the third highest peak in South America. To acclimatize before attempting these summits, it’s also a good idea to climb smaller peaks like Siete Hermanos (4780m) and Mulas Muertas (5200m)

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