Panama's colorful and vibrant wilderness make it a unique place for outdoor adventures. Book your place with one of the guides at and start planning an unforgettable active holiday in Panama!

Enjoy the beautiful mountains, rainforest, rivers, and beaches of Panama on an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Hiking, rock climbing, rafting and more are all possible options to explore this awe-inspiring country in Central America.

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There are many reasons for choosing Panama

Known as the Valley of the Flowers, Boquete is located in the mountainous region of Panama and is both where Volcán Baru, the highest point in the island is located, and where local coffee plantations are. Both a treat. Furthermore, it is a popular destination for rock climbing.


Good to know:

Country code





US Dolar, Panamanian Balboa

How to get there

Fly to Tocumen International Airport

Best time to visit

Between December and March, during the dry season


Panama has tropical climate with temperatures that range on average between 85 – 95 °F (29 – 35 ° C). The dry season is between December and March

More info about Panama:

Panama is likely a place you will never forget. It has Colombia on one side and Costa Rica on the other and is also home to the Panama Canal. Lined to the east by the Caribbean Sea and to the west by the Pacific, its beaches are unparalleled. The highest point in the country is the Volcán Barú, at an altitude of 3,475 m (11,401 ft). From its summit, you can see both coasts on a clear day. Near this beautiful stratovolcano is Boquete, a small mountain town close to the border with Costa Rica, ideal for rock climbing, hiking and other adventure sports. Furthermore, there are plenty of islands of the country’s coast that are also top locations for outdoor adventures!

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