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Matterhorn guided climb via Hornli ridge

Matterhorn Hornli Mountain hut
Matterhorn hornli ridge fixed ropes
Matterhorn summit picture

Guy, IFMGA certified mountain guide, takes you to the top of mythical Matterhorn via Hornli ridge. A unique 2-day ascent for experienced mountaineers!


2 Days

Jun - Sep




The Matterhorn or Cervino (4478m) is at the border between Italy and Switzerland. If you love the mountains, I have no doubt that this ascent is in your bucket list! Indeed, it's one of the most famous mountains in the world.

As Zermatt is nearby, we will meet there to start this 2-day trip. I chose the Hornli ridge route for the ascent, on the northeastern side. It's probably the easiest route to the top. After reaching the Hörnli Hut on the first day, we set to reach the summit on day 2. Once we get there, you will understand why everyone dreams with it!

An extra advantage of this program? The röstis at the hut are exceptional!

Please note that to be able to enjoy this expedition to its maximum, it's better to acclimatize. You could go for something easire like the Breithorn traverse or the Pollux. I can arrange this as well!

Interested in experiencing this challenging but immensely rewarding ascent? Then don't hesitate to send me a request! I will be waiting for your message. Also, check out the Breithorn Mountaineering Traverse Route, a perfect preparation and acclimatization traverse for the ascent of Matterhorn. And if you are looking for more adventures in the Alps, I also love to ascend Zinalrothorn.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The price indicated is for the 2-day climb. If it's possible for me to combine wit another guest, you can join me for summit day, it will be 1650 CHF. Not included: accommodation (300 CHF) and lift (50 CHF).


More info

If you plan to arrive by plane, you'll have the choice between Zurich, Geneva, Basel or Milan airport and then either take a train or a shuttle bus to reach Zermatt.

Meeting point

At Zermatt


What equipment should I have with me?

You’ll need your mountaineering boots (fitting with your crampons), a helmet, crampons, a harness, an ice axe, a headlamp, etc. Note that if you don’t have all the equipment with you, you can rent part of it in the rental shops in Zermatt.

Is it possible to add a day before the ascent of Matterhorn to get prepared and acclimatized?

Yes. I strongly recommend that we do a one-day climb together before Matterhorn. Traversing Breithorn is a great option. You can have a look at the program I propose here https://www.explore-share.com/trip/matterhorn-preparation-climb-breithorn/. We’ll have the opportunity to walk on a glacier, on exposed rocky and snow ridges (based on the conditions). These are great terrain to train and get ready for Matterhorn. This additional day will also help us to get to know each other. Climbing Pollux is also a great option before ascending Matterhorn.

If you have several days in Zermatt before your guided mountaineering tour, I strongly recommend you to go on acclimatization hikes. Walking to Gornergrat, Rothorn or Mettelhorn are great hikes to get your body used to the altitude.

What is included in the price I would pay here to climb Matterhorn?

The price you’ll pay here will cover my guiding service. On top of that, you’ll need to pay for the half board in the hut (+/- 150 CHF per person), for both you and me and the lift (+/- 40 CHF).

How many climbers can go with one guide on Matterhorn?

I’ll take one climber maximum with me. If you are 2 or more, I’ll ask colleagues of mine to join us. This is not negotiable. The rule is for everyone the same. If you do a preparation climb with me, Breithorn for example, the guide/client ratio might be different than 1:1, based on the mountain we select and the conditions.

When should I book the ascent of Matterhorn with you?

As soon as possible. My availability is very limited. I get fully booked quite fast.

When should the hut be booked?

It’s better to do it at the last minute. It gives us more flexibility than we might need if the conditions force us to change the day.

What happens if we the conditions don’t allow us to climb Matterhorn?

We’ll find a solution to make it possible 1–2 days before or after, or we will reschedule it.

Where is the meeting point?

We’ll meet in Zermatt (at the Matterhorn Express lift station).

What is the program and the schedule of the 2 days together?

We’ll start from Zermatt around 11 am to go up to the Hörnli hut. Once there, we’ll climb 30 minutes up on the first part of the Matterhorn as training and for me to assess your level & mountaineering experience. On the second day, we’ll start very early (around 4.30 am). We’ll climb to the summit and then go down to Zermatt.

When can Matterhorn be climbed?

It’s possible to climb Matterhorn from July to September.

How difficult is the climbing?

It's climbing up to grade 4. You need to be in good physical shape. If you are not sure about your level, we can do a preparation climb together (the Breithorn traverse, Pollux, etc.). This 1-day guided tour is a great option to get prepared; you can check it here: https://www.explore-share.com/trip/matterhorn-preparation-climb-breithorn/.

What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is an essential part of your adventure experience. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of three highly recommended hotels that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. These accommodations are well-suited for adventurers looking to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day of exploration
Le Massif Courmayeur Italy
See rooms
Hotel Walser Courmayeur Italy
See rooms
Gran Baita Hotel & Wellness Courmayeur Italy
See rooms

About the guide

Guide profile image

Guy Robert



Mountain Guide

I am a mountain guide and ski instructor based in Verbier, Switzerland.
During the summer, I enjoy very much bringing my friends and clients on the 4000 meters of the Alps and do some rock climbing in high altitude. During the winter and spring, I love going freeride skiing, ski touring and guide on the ice falls. I'll be happy to be your guide and share wonderful mountain experiences with you. Feel free to have a look at some of my programs and get in touch with me if you are interested by one of them.


Italian | German | French | English



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What people are saying about this trip



Guy was amazing guide. Very knowledgeable and expert skills. I learned a lot from him during the trip. I would do any mountain with Guy in a heart beat. This is your people if you wanna climb in the Alps.



This trip was absolutely fantastic! Guy was a very knowledgeable guide, with extensive experience and know-how to get up the mountain. Guy worked with me to understand the conditions, reschedule a summit bid for later in the week, and then successfully summit the Matterhorn. I would easily consider him a short-roping jedi - which was essential for a safe trip up the Matterhorn. Speed is everything in the alpine, and Guy understands that and moves quickly, perhaps too quickly in some instances (not much time desired at summit or for pictures, etc. even though we were the third group to summit and where hours ahead of other parties). That being said, it did not detract from the overall summit and I was grateful to be off the summit before the fixed ropes were full of other parties. A more relaxed tone at times would have been appreciated but I understood the underlying desire to move quickly. The only thing lacking was a more formal expectation procedure but perhaps this is only my expectations. A formalized gear list, an understanding of the hut prices, and gondola rides, etc. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be using Guy again for other alpine adventures that require guiding.



I highly recommend Explore-Share company and my guide Guy Robert May. I had a great time scrambling the Hornli Ridge with Guy-Robert which was very professional and friendly. The weather was not prominent for already settle climbing day, still Guy-Robert managed to squeeze me in his busy calendar and guides me to the top on the other day. (!) He easily shared his knowledge and experiences, gave me a few tips, and inspired to come back to Switzerland to tackle similar routes. Lupe thank YOU very much for all your help in finding perfect guide and again, Guy-Robert - many thanks for fantastic experience!



Guy was an incredible guide up the Matterhorn. Everything was clear and concise about how to reach the summit efficiently and safely. He was very knowledgeable with extensive experience in mountaineering as well as being able to speak every language on the mountain with other climbers from various countries. For anyone’s next extreme adventure I highly recommend him.



The explore site is clumsy. it needs work, certainly on the payments. Guy-Robert was very professional, skilled. Good English, very experienced. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends.

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