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Sierra Nevada, 3 Day Guided Splitboarding

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Come and enjoy 3 days of fantastic splitboarding in the sensational Sierra Nevada mountains of California with Eric, an AMGA certified mountain guide.


Sierra Nevada (California)


3 Days








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The purpose of this 3 day splitboarding trip is for you to have as much fun as possible. And because this trip takes place in the amazing Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, having fun is not going to be very difficult because this is a sensational place.

There is an abundance of amazing slopes, peaks, bowls and trails to enjoy throughout the Sierra Nevada. Thus ensuring you will have a great time every minute of every day. And at night, at the campsite, you and the rest of the small group will be able to relax and talk about the fun you had that day, and the fun you will have on the next day!

With an array of different places to go, every spot you visit will be a new adventure, full of excitement. A few examples of where we will go include Horse Creek and Cattle Creek. Both of those places will prove as memorable as they will be enjoyable.

Despite the wild nature of the area where we will be spending our time, no previous backcountry splitboarding experience is necessary on this trip. Furthermore, along with all of the fun you will be having, I will also be instructing you how to properly splitboard in the backcountry by covering important topics like touring techniques and avalanche awareness with you. As a result of those lessons and the experience gained from this trip, you will be better prepared for any future splitboarding adventures you may have.

So send me a request, and join me on this 3 day splitboarding trip in the backcountry areas of the Sierra Nevada. I know you will have a great time.

I can also lead you on this 3 day splitboarding tour in the beautiful Lassen National Park in the Southern Cascades as well.

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