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Sihlhölzli, Zurich, Crevasse Rescue Course

Learn about crevasse rescue on this 2 hour evening course at the outdoor Sihlhölzli sporting complex in Zurich with a certified mountain guide.

Mountain RangeAlps
Duration1/2 day
Offer periodMay
Skill LevelBeginner
Fitness LevelOccasional
Type of tripGroup


  • Learn proper crevasse rescue techniques on this 2 hour course.

  • Enjoy the beautiful Swiss city of Zurich.

  • Be better prepared for future expeditions on peaks and glaciers.


Crevasses are a big part of mountaineering. They are present in most peaks and glaciers. As a result, it is important to know how to deal with them safely. It is also important to know how to conduct a proper rescue in case of an accident involving a crevasse. That is why I am offering this 2 hour evening course at the Sihlhölzli outdoor sporting complex in Zurich.

Throughout this brief, but thorough course, you will learn how to properly pull a person out of a crevasse with a double pulley. By the end of the course, my goal is that you will be able to enjoy mountaineering on a glacier independently, knowing you can perform basic rescue techniques.

The Sihlhölzli sporting complex offers a great environment for this evening crevasse rescue course, which takes place at 6:30 pm. Furthermore, the complex’s location is great because it is positioned in the city of Zurich. A great Swiss city full of amazing highlights, Zurich is also located near the Alps. Thus giving you the chance to put what you’ve learned in this course into practice in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

Learning proper crevasse rescue techniques is crucial for fun, safe and successful mountaineering on peaks and glaciers. If you would like to learn those techniques, just send me a request. I would be happy to guide you.

I also offer another 2 hour evening course at the Sihlhölzli sporting complex that focuses on properly roping on a glacier.



There are plenty of comfortable accommodation options in Zurich that I would be happy to recommend to you.


The course will take place in all weather conditions.