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Climbing Lanin

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Located in Huiliches, near the city of Junín de los Andes, on the border between Argentina and Chile, Lanin is the highest volcano in Patagonia. Its 3776 meters of height and its perfect cone shape painted white by the snow, give name to the famous Lanin National Park (Argentina) and Villarrica National Park (Chile). The Lanin Volcano is a symbol of the Province of Neuquén, whose figure is part of the provincial shield. In addition, it is considered a sacred site for the Mapuche communities, native people of the region. Its ascent by the north face is relatively simple. That route goes from the Tromen Lake up to the Mamuil Malal Pass. The ascent can be done in one day if participants have a proper fitness condition. Keep in mind that getting to the summit takes about 7 hours as well as for the descent. For those who prefer a gentler and quieter climb there is the option of spending the night in a mountain hut and ascend Lanin in two days. Select one of our trips below to reach the Lanin summit in the company of an expert. Explore-Share.com only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.

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