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Mont Blanc is one of the top peaks for climbers in Western Europe. Accessible from France’s legendary Chamonix Valley, it is a storied peak that has long attracted mountaineers from around the world.



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French, although many guides speak English or other languages

Best time to climb

High season is from June to September, with a peak season in July and August

How long should I stay?

Trips usually last 2-5 days. Longer trips frequently allow for training and acclimatization climbs, while shorter trips are suitable for experienced mountaineers who are already acclimatized

What’s the weather like?

Mont Blanc is a cold icy mountain all year round. In the summer, the temperature at the summit averages -5 to -10 degrees celsius. High winds and poor visibility can also be an issue high up on the mountain

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Located in France near the country’s border with Italy, the Mont Blanc massif crowns one of the world’s top alpine playgrounds. With a first recorded summit in 1786, climbing Mont Blanc is a rite of passage for the many climbers that seek to summit the tallest mountain in the Alps (4,810 meters / 15,781 feet). While a tough climb that requires solid physical fitness and technical skills, climbers don’t have to be expert mountaineers to tackle the one of the popular routes to the summit



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