1-week ski and sailing trip in the Lyngen Alps


Ski and sail around the Lyngen Alps with Tore, an IFMGA certified guide. Discover the Lyngen Alps, one of the most wonderful parts of Norway.

Lyngen Alps

7 Days

Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec




The Lyngen Alps are a fantastic region in Norway. Come with me on this amazing adventure skiing and sailing for a week.

Normally, the sceneries in the Lyngen Alps are breathtaking. But once winter arrives, its peaks and valleys get covered with a white layer of beauty, hard to compare. The magnificent peaks that form this range offer some of the most thrilling descents. And the adventure of sailing around the area, will give you an incomparable view.

Picture yourself sailing through the norwegian fjords. Imagine the vastness of the Lyngenfjord, the deep blue colors of the ocean. And, in the back, imagine the Lyngen Alps, standing tall and imposing. Can you imagine standing on the deck, with the wind of the arctic blowing, caressing your skin? And, as you close your eyes and breath in all the fresh air, you get ready for the adventures to come?

When you stand in our sailing boat, you’ll perceive the Alps at a distance, like in a dream. But once you start putting on your skis and equipment, you’ll know it is real!

I’ll take you to some of the most beautiful and exciting parts of the Lyngen Alps. You’ll experience the finest powder snow and the absolutely most fun descents. And it will all be surrounded by a magical winter landscape.

What’s more, sailing through the Lyngenfjord will be a smooth yet thrilling ride. Due to the warm currents it carries from the Gulf Stream, it never freezes. So you can sail through it as if you were sailing across the oceans.

Could you imagine yourself skiing and sailing through this winter wonderland? Then send me a request and join me on this trip! 

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There are many different options on the type of boat, and it's decided in agreement with the group on which one suits it the best. Also prices will depend on the type of boat we choose.


About the guide

I'm a local certified IFMGA mountain guide based in Narvik. I've always enjoyed being in the outdoors since my childhood when my parents introduced me to this world. I think it's important that I facilitate parents to be able to bring the same experience for their children too!

My career (!) in the mountains started at the age of 12, when I started climbing, in particular long alpine climbs on ice, snow and rock. I'd also been competing in ski racing and cross country skiing since I was little.

My passion for climbing took me to different corners of the world; to the Alps, Peru, USA and Patagonia. However, my heart was always set in Norway and it also reaffirmed how amazing the mountains in Norway were even in comparison to the great mountain ranges of the world.
My goal is to share these local beauties in a safe manner with the mountain lovers of the world.

I like the diversity of activities in the mountains and I like them all throughout the season, let it be mountain biking, skiing, climbing or hiking. I guide ski touring, alpine climbing, rock climbing and mountain biking.

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Prices upon request. It includes guide fee, the boat, and food. It doesn't included ski gear, other personal gear.

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