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6-days trek Posets Peak, Pyrenees, Spain

6-days trek Posets Peak, Pyrenees, Spain | Spain

Explore the Posets Peak with Ruben, an AEGM certified guide. Don't miss this opportunity and let him take you to one of the most wonderful peaks in the Pyrenees.

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6 Days

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The Pyrenees are a fantastic land of mountains and wild nature. They are divided in different sections. Within the Pyrenees, there is a valley of incomparable beauty: the Benasque valley. And, inside this valley lies a magnificent peak, the Posets Peak (3,375).

Come with me on this amazing adventure to explore this peak and all the wonders around it!

The Posets Peak is the second highest in the whole range of the Pyrenees. It is located in the Park Posets-Maladeta. And it offers a wide range of routes, some classic, some gentle and some more steep and challenging. It also offers dazzling paths and thrilling ascents.

The Posets Peak is one of my favorite ascents. And there are many reasons for that. One of them is because it isn’t as popular as Monte Perdido or Aneto. Because, many folks don’t really know about the Posets Peak, they tend to choose other ascents. So, this means the paths here are normally more quiet and way less crowded. Thus, walking through them, you’ll feel like it is just you and the mountain!

Another one of the reasons I love this place is the location and hospitality of the mountain refuges we’ll visit. They are located around the mountain, making a perfect circle. So we get to see everything, as we walk through it. 

Please note that there will be certain parts of the ascent that come with a little technical difficulty. So we’ll go over the safety rules to ensure you are safe the whole time, while having a great time.

If you are interested in visiting this amazing place, please send me request. Let me guide you through one of my favorite places in the Pyrenees.

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Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Personal insurance

Price details

​Groups of 4 to 8 people only. Alongside with the guide fee, the price includes: four nights accommodation in shelters, four half-board (dinner + breakfast) in shelters, collective safety equipment, accident insurance. -- Price doesn’t include: transport and any other item not mentioned as included.


Day 1: Benasque - Ángel Orús Refuge

Our first day will begin in Benasque along the route of the 3 ravines, ascending towards the Tuca del Mont but without reaching it, we turn off to pass by the old Clot de Chill hut and descend towards the Vall de Grist. From the Cabaña de les Riberes, there is only a short ascent to reach the Ángel Orús hut, where we will spend the night. The total distance we will walk today is 11 kilometers.

Day 2: Angel Orús Refuge - Pico Posets - Viadós Refuge

We will begin our second day ascending the Posets Peak, the second highest in the Pyrenees. Once we reach the summit, we will descent to the Eriste pass. Then we will head to the Viadós Refuge, to stay there for the night. The total distance of this day will be of 21 kilometers.

Day 3: Viadós Refuge – Estós Refuge

Our third day will begin at the Biadós refuge. Then we’ll trek towards the Chistau pass. After reaching it we’ll head to the Estós Refuge, on the GR-11 track. This day’s total distance will be of 12 kilometers

Day 4: Estós Refuge - La Renclusa Refuge

From the Estós refuge, we continue along the GR11 to descend towards the Cabaña del Turmo hut. From here, a gradual ascent takes us to the Frotonet pass, from where we can see the beautiful Lliterola valley, which we descend to reach the Benás Baths, now in the Ball de Benás, which we must continue to reach the Benás Hospital. We continue through this marvellous valley to the Besurta, from where a short ascent will leave us at the La Renclusa Refuge, the main starting point towards the Aneto and where we will spend the night after a long day. On this day we will walk 18 kilometers

Day 5: La Renclusa Refuge - Cap de Llauset Refuge

We head for the Coll de la Renclusa pass, from where we can see the summit of Aneto and part of its glacier. We descend to the Plan de Aigualluts and approach the Forau de Aigualluts, a spectacular place. Walking along the Ball de Barrancs and always at the foot of Aneto, we head towards the Coll de Salenques, located on the spectacular Salenques-Tempestades ridge, from where we descend towards the Estañ de Cap de la Vall to continue between this and the Estañ Negre and head towards the Estañ de Cap de Llauset, where we find the Refuge of the same name, where we spend the night after a spectacular day in the high mountains. The distance we’ll walk today will be 14 kilometers.

Day 6: Cap de Llauset Refuge - Benasque

From the Cap de Llauset refuge, we follow the GR-11 towards the Collado and from there to the Ballibierna valley, passing through the lakes of the same name. Once we reach the Cabaña de Coronas, we continue down the GR-11, now on a track, to Senarta, where the valleys of Ballibierna and Benás meet, which we will take to descend to Benasque and conclude this fantastic trek. Total distance for this day is 18km.



More info

You can purchase picnic lunches at the refuges, to avoid carrying extra weight. There will be blankets available in the shelter. A thin lead sheet sack or a thin sleeping bag is enough for this trip.

Meeting point

Benasque, Huesca.

About the guide

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Mountain Leader

Hello!! My name is Rubén Cuesta Valparís and I am a Mountain Guide with official certification and AEGM-UIMLA accreditation (Member Number 913). I have extensive experience in mountain ranges around the world, from the Picos de Europa, my base and school, through the Pyrenees, the Alps, Patagonia, the Himalayas.

I love mountains and nature in general and from my experience and supported by my training, I like to enjoy them and make my clients enjoy them as much as I do, giving them the security they need to perform the activity they want, interpreting the landscape , flora, fauna, ethnography, and promoting respect for nature and the environment where activities take place. I speak Spanish and English.

From my company, Picos Outdoor, we organize activities of hiking, trekking, mountaineering, orientation, etc. and we offer introductory and specialization training courses (can be for groups and individuals) related to all the above.





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What people are saying about Ruben



From the beginning to the end, Ruben and the Explore-Share team were fantastic. Ruben made the 4 day hike enjoyable, educational, and overall a ton of fun. He was super knowledgeable and even during the toughest part of the hikes, we felt incredibly safe. Very thankful for finding explore-share and I'll definitely use them again. I also would be sure to recommend Ruben to anyone looking to hike the Picos!



Excellent mountain hiker. Not a good guide. Leaving little to no time for stops and rest and provided no help when things turned bad in the 3dr day of the hike

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