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Hiking in the Yatsugatake Mountains: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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The Yatsugatake Mountains provide some of the most stark and dramatic settings in Japan, and hiking through them is a fantasically fun and exciting way to explore this magical, mythical place.

The Yatsugatake Mountains are made up of two large volcanic groups, and nestled within are some of the best hiking spots in Japan, with rocky and rugged mountain faces leading down to spectacular sweeping valleys and lakes, all covered in gorgeous native Japanese vegetation and forestry. People flock to the mountain range for hiking in the Summer and Autumn months, with the changing colour of the leaves proving a sumptuous and special spectacle beneath the snow-capped mountain peaks. Take a pick from our selection of hiking trips in the Yatsugatake Mountains and prepare to be wowed!

Top hiking trips | Yatsugatake Mountains

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FAQs: Hiking in Yatsugatake Mountains

What should I know about Hiking Yatsugatake Mountains?

Some of the hiking can be quite difficult, so be in good physical shape will help you enjoy the activity more.

There are several villages and settlements dotted around the mountains, each being deeply traditional with their culture and customs. Try and sample some of this fascinating and unique way of life.

Why should I choose Yatsugatake Mountains for my Hiking adventure?

The Scenery

The scenery of the Yatsugatake Mountains truly takes the breath away, as the snow-capped mountains loom large over tranquil, idyllic and peaceful alpine landscapes. Lakes, rivers, streams, forests, green hills and rocky outcrops all blend in to each other to make for an intoxicating and splendid setting.

The Views

Some of the views from the Yatsugatake Mountains are absolutely epic and awesome, as the vast and enormous valleys and plains stretch out beneath in to the horizon from the vantage points, with uninterrupted panoramic views the norm. The sunrises and sunsets are something to behold, with the peaceful vibe of Japan ensuring these views maintain their magical and mystical characteristics.

The Conditions

The Yatsugatake Mountains have gained a reputation as a hiking mecca in Japan, with many people flocking to them to escape the hustle, bustle, heat and humidity of nearby Tokyo. This means that conditions are generally excellent due to the abundance of hiking trails, with the weather remaining relatively cool - perfect for hiking.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Yatsugatake Mountains?

Sub-alpine, meaning the heat and humidity of Tokyo does not reach there.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Yatsugatake Mountains region?


What currency is accepted around Yatsugatake Mountains?

Japanese Yen

How can I get to Yatsugatake Mountains?

2 hours by train, bus or car from Tokyo.

What's the country code for the Yatsugatake Mountains region?


When is the best time to travel to Yatsugatake Mountains for Hiking?

June-October, when the weather is warmest and conditions most ideal.

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