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“Cruce de los Andes”, 5-day Trek across the Andes from Argentina to Chile at Portillo

“Cruce de los Andes”, 5-day Trek across the Andes from Argentina to Chile at Portillo | Argentina

Join EPGAMT certified guide Martin for an unforgettable 5-day trek across the Andes from Argentina to Chile from the Portillo de Piuquenes.



5 Days





* Enjoy a 5-day trek across the Andes from Argentina to Chile.

* Marvel at the incredible views the vast mountain range.

* Spend your nights camping under the stars.


There is something epic, something magical about crossing the Andes. Some of the most famed adventurers and leaders in history have performed the arduous and unbelievable task. And, on this 5 day expedition, you will get to experience it as well.

Departing from the Portillo de Piuquenes, which is located west of Tunuyan, our journey from Argentina to Chile will begin. Our path will take us from Portillo to San Gabriel in Chile, which is located in the commune of San Jose de Maipo, a metropolitan region of Santiago.

The trek itself will be an adventure you will never forget. Every minute of every day will provide you with astounding views of the Andes. You will see some of the largest and highest peaks in the Americas. You will see breathtaking valleys, rivers and lakes. Furthermore, you may also see some wildlife as well. And, at the end of the each day, you will get to camp under the stars, soaking in the sounds of the mountains.

Everything you will need for this trek will be provided. That includes camping equipment, first aid kit, heaters and pots and food, as well as the use of mules to carry it.

Needless to say, when trekking across the Andes, you should be in good physical condition.

Send me a request and enjoy a trek that some of the most influential people in our history have done. Cross the Andes, bask in the beautiful scenery and travel from one country to another!

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Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Leader

EPGAMT Mountain guide from Argentina.

The mountain is my workplace and space to enjoy what I like to do ... mountaineering.

I climbedd and promoted various mountains and volcanoes such as: Aconcagua , Ojos del Salado, Pissis , Walter Penck , Incahuasi, Plata, Rincon, Vallecitos , etc.

The mountain can find oneself, to rediscover the essence and every moment. It is a natural place that transmits balance, harmony, tranquility and at the same time, tests us and motivates us to self-improvement. The mountain is accessible to all, just enough to take the first step ... we offer a different experience to share.



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What people are saying about Martín



Many thanks to You again for excellent organization our trip to Ojos with Martin Torres! Martin very good man and I`m very glad to have this new real friend!

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