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Mount Tortolas (6160 m) 6-day guided ascent

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Join Pako, an UIMLA-certified mountain leader, during this 6-day summit of Mount Tortolas, an impressive peak in Central Chile! This is the perfect opportunity for you to achieve your first 6,000m summit while enjoying a below-the-radar route in the Andes.

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6 Days

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Climb your first 6,000 m peak during this 6-day expedition up Mount Tortolas, located in Chile’s lovely Elqui Valley!

Chile is a great destination for mountaineers looking for a high altitude adventure, as the Chilean Andes are the site of some of the tallest and most impressive mountains in the world.  Located in the semi-arid foothills of the Andes east of the beachfront city of La Serena, Mount Tortolas rises to an awe-inspiring height of 6,160 m.  This 6-day ascent of the little-trafficked peak is perfect for mountaineers who are seeking to test themselves with a high altitude summit.  In fact, the north route is a great option for mountaineers who have never reached an altitude of 6,000 m, but are ready for the challenge.

Our 6-day route begins and ends in La Serena and includes nightly stops at camps along the way, allowing us to acclimatize along the way.  We have also built in an extra day in case the conditions on the mountain delay us.  A day-by-day outline of the route is included below.

Book this trip now and I will guide you up a little known yet impressive 6,000 m peak in a beautiful area of the Chilean Andes!

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Day 1: Escarchales Base Camp

Transfer from La Serena to Escarchales Base Camp (3,900 m)

Day 2: Piedra de los Lamentos

From Base Camp, trek to Piedra de los Lamentos (4,250 m)

Day 3: Gabriela Mistral Shelter

Trek to Gabriela Mistral shelter (5,200 m)

Day 4: Summit Day

We make our push to the summit of Mount Tortolas at 6,160 m, returning to Gabriela Mistral shelter afterwards

Day 5: Extra Day

Extra day built into the program

Day 6: Return to La Serena

Descend back to base camp and return to La Serena


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